Listen to Coach Muir’s WHBQ-AM 560 radio interview where he talks about his camp and football fundamentals for players.

BillMuirCampThis camp is a teaching football camp led by former NFL Offensive & Defensive Coordinator Bill Muir. Heads Up Football is a new initiative supported and endorsed by the Commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell to help make the sport of football better and safer.

The goal of this camp is to teach the boys great fundamentals of tackle football on both the offense and defense side of the ball.

The weeks’ activities are open to all levels of abilities, in a non-contact camp. Activities will stress both offensive and defensive instructions on a daily basis. The camp will include a core training program. Emphasis will be on the learning of proper fundamentals and techniques including footwork, ball handling, catching, route running , defensive block protection and response, man to man and zone coverage based on position-specific needs.

Coaches will feature a special emphasis toward teaching the fundamentals of Heads Up tackling techniques to boys who play tackle football. The camp will educate players so they will adapt to the new Heads Up approach, to help reduce the risk of concussion, making the game of tackle football safer for your child. Players may participate in some structured 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 drills. There will be no 7-on-7 or 11-on-1 drills or competition.

To learn more about the new Heads Up initiative sponsored by the NFL, visit usafootball.com.


Coach Bill Muir is not doing the Heads Up Football Camp this summer because he will be in Alaska.

Coach Muir instructed at the 2016 Youth Football Camp May 9, 10, 11 at St. Agnes – St. Dominic Campus, Memphis TN.

Watch for the Heads Up Football Camp coming in 2017.


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